At Winterfell, we provide Electric Autonomous Air Conditioning for truck tractor sleeper-cabins; creating the ideal conditions for driver´s best performance and resting time. Our AC units can generate up to 10 uninterrupted hours of cool air without fuel consumption; savings time and money.

12V- INV1200




Currently the climate has changed and with it the needs and responsibilities of each one of us. In search of a solution aimed at greater savings, and a decrease in the ecological footprint, the idea of Autonomous Electric AC was born


We believe in short- and long-term savings without conditioning the quality, becoming more efficient in our processes and always offering the best of us.

We want to be part of your trip


We offer an air conditioner for your transport, with 10 uninterrupted hours of operation without fuel consumption, creating ideal conditions for the performance and rest of your traveler.


Winterfell Electric Autonomous Air Conditioning System gives the pleasure of having comfort inside your cabin at the temperature you wish while your truck is turned off. It represents huge savings over diesel expenses, maintenance, installation, and engiene wear, while you meet with the new environmental regulations No Idle – Zero Emissions.


  • Winterfell A/C System works with the primary batteries of the truck.

  • Doesn´t need extra or auxiliary batteries.

  • It doesn´t have a diesel motor as an APU.

  • The A/C has an intelligent system which sensors when the voltage of the batteries are low (16V) and it turns itself off in automatic, so you never run out of battery.

  • It runs with AGM Batteries (recommendation)

  • Ideal temperature inside your cabin.

  • Runs for up to 10 uninterrupted hours of cool air while your truck engine is off.

  • No idle – Zero damaging emissions.

  • Installation time is around 4 hours.

  • Lightweight 72 pounds.

  • Big savings on diesel, maintenance, installation and significant cost reduction on engine wear.

  • Integrated Horometer.

  • A/C Control APP to turn on and off equipment and control metrics.

*Take a look how much you could save in diesel. 



  • Reduce cost, extend runtime of battery system and reduce the load on the alternater.


  • AGM Deep Cycle battery life last up to 5 years. AGM handle extreme temperatures. They have a slower discharge on storage, best in vibration resistance and no splill hazard.


  • Changes you electric current from AC to DC. Use your A/C System for longer periods of time.



1. If I use the Electric AC System, does my batteries will run out?

Your truck will never run out of battery due to the A/C system. The A/C system can sensor the voltage of your battery, when the systems sensors that your battery is low (around 11.4V) it will turn off in automatic.

2. If I want the Electric AC System, do I have to get extra batteries?

The A/C works with the primary batteries of the truck (AGM batteries or deep cycle), it doesn’t need a diesel motor to work (as an APU), doesn’t need extra batteries.


3. Does the Electric AC System is connected with the motor or computer of the Truck?

Doesn’t need to be connected to the truck´s computer system, motor system, doesn’t mess with the alternator (we don’t need to replace it for a bigger one), it is totally autonomous and this makes it easier to install, uninstall and move it from one truck to another.


4. How much time does the Equipment can run?  
It runs for 10 hours long every time your batteries are charged. Charging time batteries is around 5 hours.

5. In How much time does my equipment can be install in my truck?
Installation time is around 2.5 hours 


6 .Does my Electric AC System has warranty? 

2-year factory defect warranty.


7 .What kind of Maintenance do I have to do to my AC System?

Maintenance is minimal: with a pressure air gun you have to remove dust from the condenser and evaporator, and clean or wash the evaporator washable filter every month.  Also you have to change the fan condenser (cost of the fan $86.00 USD) and blower (cost of the blower $123.00 USD) every year.


8. If I already bought my AC System, and I have questions, can I have assistance from Winterfell USA?

We will be always for you J , for any question, advisory or comments, you can write us to our email:



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