Winterfell Autonomous Diesel Heating Equipment represents savings and works perfect in extreme weather conditions.


Thinking of a market in which their working conditions are in extreme climates, and the pace of work cannot be stopped, we offer a motor, berth or warm cabin, for our travelers who do not stop at any extreme weather.

Autonomous Diesel Heating Equipment ensures a safe and warm experience during cold weather while your truck is turned off.


  1. Perfect comfort in cabins or transport berths, during extreme low weather conditions, optimal for rest stops, loads and unloading.

  2. Fast and powerful heating, that you can regulate from 86°F (30°C) up to 221°F (105°C) of temperature.

  3. Autonomous equipment, with its own fuel tank (two - gallon capacity)

  4. Continuos 70-hour operation with engine off, equivalent to only two gallons of diesel.

  5. Simple and zero maintenance.

  6. Non-invasive aesthetic design for the user.

  7. Silent operation.

  8. High quality equipment.

  9. Fast & safe installation.

  10. Designed for Mexican, American and Canadian transport.

  11. Spare parts availability.

  12. Excellent after - sales service.


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